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GET 529 Prepaid Tuition Program

Prepay future college tuition today to ensure peace of mind as your student grows.

  • Created for Washington state residents.

  • Start with as little as one unit.

  • No enrollment fee when enrolling online.

  • Pay a set price today with the guarantee that 100 units will equal one year of in-state tuition and state-mandated fees at the highest price public university in the state, no matter when you use them.

  • State guarantee that protects from long-term in-state tuition inflation and stock market risk.

  • Buy up to 800 units (enough for eight years of in-state tuition and state-mandated fees)

  • Enroll between November 1 and May 31 annually.

DreamAhead 529 College Investment Plan

Choose from multiple investment options to add flexibility to your savings.

  • Open to anyone in the U.S.

  • Start with as little as $25.

  • No enrollment fee.

  • Choose from portfolios made up of stock, bond and/or cash preservation funds and build a savings strategy that fits your needs.

  • Wide range of flexible investment choices based on your student's age and your risk tolerance.

  • Contribute up to $500,000 (maximum total account balance between DreamAhead and GET).

  • Enroll year-round.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the WA529 office is currently closed to walk-in visitors. If you have questions about your GET or DreamAhead account, Contact Center representatives are available by phone or email. Please see our Contact Us page for hours and information.