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Need help? Call 1.800.955.2318 with questions on GET or 1.844.529.5845 with questions on DreamAhead. Tell a Friend | Contact

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If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, we’re here to help.



Monday –Friday at 1.800.955.2318 (toll-free) or 360.753.7803 (Olympia) from 8am-5pm PT. Translation service is available for customers who do not speak English.

You can also reach GET by email at



Monday – Friday at 1-844-529-5845 from 6am – 5pm PT or 1-844-888-2253 (TTY) from 6am – 5pm PT.

You can reach DreamAhead by email at


Community Events

WA529 representatives travel statewide, sharing information about college savings with Washington families, educators and organizations.

We attend a variety of events, including family festivals, information fairs, trade shows, and conferences. We can also conduct on-site presentations, seminars and meetings at your PTA/PTO meetings, your worksite, or your child’s school.

To find out when we will next be at an event in your area, check out the calendar below.
Contact for more information about event planning.