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A New Approach This Year

(November 24, 2020) - We are in the home stretch of a wild and chaotic 2020. Soon we will gather for the holidays with family and friends, amid one of the most challenging times of our lives. Although many things look and feel harder this year, shopping for the holidays doesn’t have to be. Try a new gift giving approach this year. Your children or grandchildren will be pursuing higher education before you know it. Consider giving the gift of education. Open a 529 account or add to an existing account with Washington College Savings plans (WA529).

WA529 Director Luke Minor Chats with Star 101.5's Kent Phillips

(November 13, 2020) - WA529 Director Luke Minor chatted by phone with Star 101.5 radio personality Kent Phillips.

They talked about the new enrollment year for GET, key differences between GET and DreamAhead, and common misconceptions about 529s.

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Fall Traditions

(October 9, 2020) - Our daily lives are changing in ways we could not have imagined at the start of 2020, yet some things remain the same. Fall has arrived, leaves are changing colors, the air is cooler and we are pulling out our cozy clothes. We are buying our favorite hot drinks and wondering what family holidays will look like this year. Our family gatherings might be smaller or traditions modified, but the comfort food will be the same. (I can smell turkey dinner now!)

Escape the Chaos of the Present by Planning for the Future

(September 1, 2020) - It’s September, and in a routine world, that means students are heading back to school. But as we’re all aware, in the age of COVID-19, this is no routine world.

Many school districts and college campuses have altered their plans for student attendance, going “virtual” because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Some are still standing by the traditional face-to-face classroom model.

How Will My 529 Plan Affect My Financial Aid?

(August 13, 2020) - Families often wonder what the effects of 529 plans are on financial aid and how the two work together. The answer depends on a couple of key questions: who owns the plan and when withdrawals are taken. In most cases, your 529 plan will have a minimal effect on the amount of aid you receive and will actually end up helping you more than hurting you.

A New Hope

(June 19, 2020) - Over the last few months, nearly every aspect of our everyday lives and societal norms seems to have been turned upside down and stomped on. I think it’s safe to say that 2020 is a year most of us may want to forget as soon as possible – but will likely remember for a long time.

A Message To HR, Benefits and Payroll Representatives.

Hello HR, Benefits and Payroll Representatives.

Health and financial wellness programs are a valuable component for attracting and retaining a strong and valuable workforce. In the ever changing world we live in, it’s important to provide your employees with learning opportunities that will support and improve their financial goals. Saving for education is among one of the most sought after topics today.