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GET Testimonials and College Saving Success Stories

The most rewarding part of our job here at GET is hearing from our customers who have opened doors of opportunity for their children through their college savings efforts. We continue to hear more and more of these touching stories as the program grows, and students begin using their benefits to pay for expenses at colleges and universities around the country. It’s incredibly inspiring and it reminds us of the importance of starting our college savings while our children are still young. 

"Like many families in Washington, the past three or four years have been hard times financially, but thanks to GET, we never had to worry about how we would pay for college. We think very highly of GET and recommend it to all our friends and neighbors with young children." — Matt M
Dawn C "GET has opened the door to talking to our boys about planning for their educational futures. With the high cost of tuition, GET has helped make college an attainable reality for our children. The reasonable monthly payments have been a priority for our family budget even during tough economic times." — Dawn C
Debbie W "I can't say enough about the plan, it's one of the few (if not the only) 529 plans that guarantees your money is safe and not in the stock market. Don't hesitate....start now!" — Debbie W
Jackie F "I started saving for my grandchildren's college before they were born. I figured it wouldn't hurt to get started now because I may not have that same opportunity when I'm older. It helped to get the rest of the family on board too." — Jackie F
Laura G "I bought into the GET program the first year it became available when my older son was two. I also set up an account when my younger son was born. What a peace of mind knowing that I had the majority of college costs covered, long before they were set to attend." — Laura G
Steve and Mary B "We were able to apply the GET units to Sarah’s out-of-state tuition which helped reduce the cost tremendously. Obviously, we are very happy that we participated in this program and we encourage young parents to invest now!" —Steve & Mary B
Sandy L "We are so grateful for this great program and for the educational opportunity our girls have. It makes so much sense to invest a little throughout your children’s lives rather than struggle with big money when college arrives. Thank you for being there for us." — Sandy L
Kim P "We began saving for our kids' education before they were born. It's important to help them begin their adult lives free from student loan debt. It's a safe and easy way for us to save a little bit each month. It's taken out of my paycheck so I barely even notice!" — Kim P
June C "We used GET units purchased when our daughter was in elementary school. Thanks to Running Start, she graduated in three years so she still has GET units left over for graduate school. Our other daughter is using her GET units for tuition at a university in France. What a great gift for a child - to be able to graduate from college without having to use student loans." — June C
Becky H "I used my GET units toward a BA in Recreational Management with a minor in aviation and a commercial pilot's license. Our GET units funded a large portion of our education and we are grateful for them and for how easy they were to use. The fact that the unit price goes up with the tuition price made them a very safe and valuable asset. THANK YOU!" — Becky H
Seuzy P "GET is my way of contributing to my granddaughter's future from the get-go. I love this option. I value education more than almost anything else I could give her ... love being the most important." — Seuzy P
Terrina G "On birth announcements I mentioned our son's GET account. I said what GET was, gave his account # and included GET's address. To my surprise there were a lot of contributions, even some from distant relatives. Now he has a piggy bank just for college. He points to the top of our growth chart and says, 'When I'm THAT big I'll be in college!'" — Terrina G
Shannon L "We started GET in the second year of the program. Katie graduated in three years saving tuition costs through GET and Running Start." — Garth and Shannon L
Katie and Jason G "Though we don't have kids yet, we've already started investing in our future child's college education. GET is a great and easy way to save." — Katie and Jason G
Katy and Carl T

"Our grandchildren each "got GET" for their full four years." — Kathy and Carl T

Paula W "My niece suggested I look at the GET program and I did that when my daughter was 2 years old. I bought into the plan at a price I thought I could afford and have never looked back. It's an awesome way for even a single parent to help out a child's educational future." — Paula W

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